The official UNI_MAN support group

Welcome to the UNI_MANiacs homepage. Thanks to programs like Zadok's UNI_MAN the Atari ST is still going strong in the world of MIDI. New Device Adaptors are still appearing once in a while for this System Exclusive "working horse". It might not be the most modern and hip program on the market, but after all those many years it still can handle every SysEx job for me. The synthesizers, synthmodules, and midi effects in my homestudio came and went, but UNI_MAN was always there for me when I needed it all those years. So if you have any questions about UNI_MAN don't hesitate to e-mail me. Hopefully this webpage will contribute to keep UNI_MAN and the Atari ST alive for many years to come. Yo !!

Free Bonus!

SysEx dump files, as produced by UNI_MAN and UNI_DUMP (or most other SysEx dump utilities) can be converted into Standard Midi Files format 0 by the handy tool MEX2MID.
This program can also extract SysEx data from a Standard Midi File and save these as a pure SysEx dump file. Cool! If you don't have an Atari anymore/yet, find one!


All the stuff on this website can be downloaded for free. A lot of work is done to maintain this website and support UNI_MAN. If you want to encourage me to continue this work feel free to donate!